Recycling at Roosevelt

Recycling and sustainability has been an increasingly important conversation – especially in the last decade. In school now, kids are taught “Reduce. Reuse. Recycle” as the foundation of their sustainability efforts. It is known that every effort matters but the larger recycling impacts are done through business with a mindful view.

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Serving our Customer’s Needs from Behind the Scenes

Our Unique Approach to Customer Service

Roosevelt Paper Company has a unique approach to customer service.  Each account has an inside and an outside sales representative.  Our sales representatives are the people our customers rely on to fulfil their paper needs.  They are the familiar faces, or voices, that the customers trust and expect to see or hear on a regular basis.  They are the connection that helps our customers find the best possible ways to meet their paper needs.  This is a lot of responsibility for our sales reps, and everyone needs a little help. 

Roosevelt Paper’s Sales Assistants

In addition to this inside/outside sales team structure, we have a group of sales assistants, eager to help provide a first-rate customer experience.  These are the people who work in the background to support our sales team.  Each sales assistant works directly with 2 or 3 inside sales reps as well as the entire outside sales force.  They are committed to helping provide the best customer service possible.  The Sales Assistants are not the people our customers are familiar with, but they are an important part of the Roosevelt sales team.

Our Part in Customer Service

Roosevelt’s sales assistants work out all the particulars of orders between the sales reps and the converting and shipping departments.  Their main responsibility is to process the orders or credits that are given to them  by the sales representatives.  Once a sales representative has an order, they give it to their sales assistant to write up and enter the specifics of the order.  The sales assistant writes detailed instructions of how each order should be processed or converted, when it should ship, verifying specifications on the stock being used, and finally enters the order into the system. 

In addition to processing orders, the sales assistants gather pertinent information to expedite credits; take orders over the phone from our outside sales reps, as well as checking inventory availability, checking converting schedules, or pricing; help with clerical work as needed; they may even take calls from customers, at times, if the sales rep is unavailable.  Accuracy and speed are essential in writing and entering orders and processing credits and Roosevelt’s sales assistants are very diligent in their work, attentive to details, and supportive of their team. 

Roosevelt’s entire sales team, from the front lines to behind the scenes, work together to provide the best service and quality paper to our customers.