Choosing the right paperboard: Factors to Consider for Packaging and Printing Projects

When it comes to packaging and printing projects, selecting the right paperboard is crucial. The
choice of paperboard can significantly impact the overall appeal of the final product. In this
article, we will explore two common types of paperboard Roosevelt typically stocks and the
factors to consider when choosing the most suitable option for your packaging and printing

•C1S: C1S paper caters to a variety of needs. C1S provides convenience and flexibility for
projects requiring a smooth-coated finish on one side. C1S paperboard offers excellent
printability, ideal for brochures, flyers, and high-quality packaging. The unique advantage of
C1S lies in its versatility – the uncoated side of the paper allows for further customization or
functional uses, accommodating a wide range of industries and projects.

•C2S: This type of paperboard is commonly used in applications that demand exceptional print
quality, such as product packaging, labels, and displays. Our Roosevelt C2S is an excellent
choice for projects that require a polished look.

Factors to Consider: When selecting the right paperboard for your packaging and printing
projects, several factors should be considered:

a. Purpose and Functionality: Consider the product’s intended use and packaging. Will it require
high-quality graphics, withstand environmental factors, or have specific structural requirements?

b. Printability and Finish: Evaluate your project’s printing techniques and design requirements.
Coated paperboards like C1S and C2S provide excellent printability and enhance the visual
impact of your graphics. Consider the desired finish—glossy, matte, or textured—to achieve the
desired aesthetic appeal.

c. Strength and Durability: Assess the durability and rigidity needed for your packaging. Will it
protect fragile items or require stacking and transportation? Choosing a paperboard with
appropriate strength ensures the protection and integrity of your products throughout their

Choosing the right paperboard is critical when it comes to packaging and printing projects.
Roosevelt Paper Company is here to assist you when considering these factors so you can make
the choice that aligns with your project’s objectives.

Moreover, by having a Roosevelt Paper account, you can check live inventory and access special
offers. With Roosevelt Paper Company’s commitment to quality and its range of generic
paperboard options, you can confidently purchase the paperboard for your packaging and
printing projects.