Five Things you need to Know about the Upcoming Printing Boom

The commercial printing market will experience significant growth over the next several years. The commercial printing industry is projected to be worth over $472B globally by 2026, a nearly 15% increase from its current value. So, what’s behind this growth? Roosevelt Paper has the answers! Here are the top five factors that are driving industry growth:

1. A revival in direct mail marketing

2. Increased demand for print materials

3. New eco-friendly practices

4. Cost-effective bulk printing

5. New markets and product applications

Keep reading to learn more about how these factors drive commercial printing market growth.

A revival in direct mail marketing

Direct mail is a tried-and-true marketing tactic for increasing brand awareness. It’s a visual, tangible, and engaging method that’s relatively inexpensive and produces impressive response rates. To the disappointment of commercial printers, modern technology and virtual work have caused an increase in digital marketing. However, marketers are returning to direct mail campaigns thanks to the emergence of technologies that integrate digital tracking and optimization into direct mail to boost campaign effectiveness. Experts expect this digital direct mail component to become a significant growth driver in the commercial printing market.

Increased demand for print material

Increased demand for printed promotional materials in the retail, food, and beverage industries, is also fueling commercial printing market growth. Experts explain this surge in demand using a recent Adobe poll that revealed the continuing problem with online and digital promotions: they fail to capture their audience’s attention. Physical print allows for more engagement, helping to keep print-based advertising a top priority for marketers

List of 5 things you need to know about the upcoming printing Boom.

a revival in direct-mail marketing 
increased demand for print materials 
new eco-friendly practices 
cost-effective bulk printing 
new markets and product applications

New eco-friendly practices

In the past decade, customers have demanded that businesses be held accountable for their impact on the environment. This has led to nearly all-American companies changing their business model to include more eco-friendly practices. The commercial printing market has invested heavily into eco-friendly resources, which make it one of the most sustainable industries. Applying renewable energy sources and using environmentally friendly paper, inks, coatings, and chemicals are just some of the green initiatives commercial printers have embraced to reduce their environmental impact – and customers like what they see. As demand for eco-friendly printing rises, experts project measurable growth in the commercial printing market due to this shift.

Cost-effective bulk printing

Another factor driving growth in the commercial printing market is the rising need for cost-effective advertising methods to reach diverse and segmented audiences. As a result, marketers are increasingly seeking commercial printers specializing in cost- and time-efficient bulk printing to boost brand awareness while optimizing their return on investment (ROI).

New markets and product applications

Finally, new market segments and product applications are also spurring commercial printing market growth as printers investigate and invest in these initiatives at an accelerated pace. For instance, more commercial printers are exploring innovative product line expansions that can help them stay competitive and fuel growth, such as digital wide-format, package, direct-to-digital garment, and even industrial printing applications. As printers expand their capabilities and offerings in the years ahead, the industry’s growth trend is poised to continue.

The commercial printing market is entering an exciting growth-fueled era filled with new opportunities, new ideas, and a renewed commitment to corporate responsibility – and we’re here to help you succeed. For over 90 years, commercial printers have counted on our family-owned business for savings, quality, and innovation. Contact our Roosevelt team to learn more, visit our website to access our current inventory, or call (800) 523- 3470 for assistance.