3 Free and Easy Online Paper Calculators

Paper Rolls

When you need cost-effective paper fast, our online paper calculators can help you save time by delivering instant and accurate quantity estimates. These useful tools make even more sense when they’re free and easy to use!

This post will introduce you to three types of online paper calculators to ensure you order the paper you need at the right price. So, whether you’re wondering how to calculate the basis weight of paper, convert basis weight to GSM (grammage), estimate rolls, or calculate the price, we have you covered with the following free and easy tools.

Paper sheet calculators

The first online paper calculators we’ll cover in this article focus on sheet calculations. These free and easy sheet calculators can help you determine:

  • M-weight – Calculate the weight of 1,000 sheets (M-weight) of a sheet size using length, width, and basis weight inputs.
  • Basis weight – Find the basis weight for a ream of paper based on its grade, size, and weight in grams per square meter (GSM).
  • Grammage – Determine the weight in grams per square meter (GSM) for a ream of paper based on its grade, size, and basis weight.
  • Pages per inch (PPI) – Estimate the number of pages per inch of paper (PPI) based on the sheet’s thickness (caliper).

Begin using these helpful paper sheet calculators on our website for split-second estimates.

Paper roll calculators

Next, let’s explore the online tools available to help you estimate the paper rolls you’ll need. These free and easy paper roll calculators can help you determine the following:

  • Linear footage – This linear footage calculator estimates linear footage based on the basis weight, roll width, and roll weight.
  • Linear yardage – Similar to linear footage, the linear yardage calculator works with basis weight, roll width, and roll weight inputs.
  • MSI – Easily estimate the thousands of square inches (MSI) in a paper roll by selecting the grade and inputting the basis and roll weight in the MSI calculator.
  • MSF – Do you need to know the thousands of square feet (MSF) in a roll of paper? Select the grade and provide the basis weight and roll weight for an accurate answer.

Head to our website to make these instantaneous calculations using our helpful paper roll calculators.

Paper pricing calculators

Finally, let’s talk pricing. There are several ways to calculate the price of paper online. The following paper pricing calculators estimate all the costs you need, including:

  • Price per MSI – Determine the U.S. dollar price per MSI for a roll of paper. Simply select your paper grade and enter the basis weight and price per pound.
  • Price per MSF – The MSF calculator lets you estimate the U.S. dollar price per MSF for a paper roll by choosing your paper grade and inputting the basis weight and price per pound.
  • Price per linear foot – Input MSF in U.S. dollars for a roll of paper to convert it to its linear foot price.
  • Price per linear yard – This linear yardage calculator converts the MSF U.S. dollar price for a paper roll to its linear yard price.

Ready to calculate your paper price? Begin using these free and easy pricing calculators now. Need help? Contact your Roosevelt Paper salesperson at (800) 523- 3470 for assistance with your calculations.

As a family-owned paper company committed to savings, quality, and innovation, we’re continually developing tools like these free paper calculators to make it easier to estimate and order the paper you need to keep your business going strong. With over 90 years in business, we are your trusted source for quality and cost-effective paper. To learn more about our calculators or the other ways we help you save time and money, contact us online or call (800) 523- 3470.