People behind the Paper


My career started with Roosevelt Paper back in 1978. A friend of mine worked as a manager and I asked him if there was an opportunity to work there as summer help. I worked the summer of 1978 and 1979, in what used to be our Philadelphia plant, wrapping skids and rolls, bailing, shafting, sweeping, etc.

As I was approaching graduation from Temple University in 1980, I began searching for a job where I could use my BBA in Accounting. It just so happened that 1980 was also a recession year and many companies were not hiring. My friend suggested that I apply to work as a supervisor at Roosevelt Paper in the new Kentucky division. After a short interview process, I got the job and started training immediately in Philadelphia.  I took my last final on Friday May 9th, moved from my parents’ home in PA on May 10th and started my Supervisory career in Kentucky on May 12th.  I have been fortunate to be employed for over 41 years in various positions ever since. 

My Timeline at Roosevelt:

May 1980 – December 1982 Shipping/Receiving Supervisor, Kentucky Division

January 1983 – February 1990 Receiving Supervisor, Philadelphia Division

February 1990 – October 1990 Temporary Plant Manager, Chicago Division

October 1990 – July 1991 2nd Shift Production/Shipping Supervisor, Philadelphia Division

July 1991 – 2001 Plant Manager, Philadelphia Division

2001 – Present Operations Manager

Overall, the biggest highlight of my career with Roosevelt has been working with all of the great people.  I am grateful for all the help and support from the numerous individuals along the way. 

To be entrusted with making decisions that affect so many employees and their families is truly a humbling experience.  It is incredibly rewarding to be able to offer the same opportunities to others as well.

I have worked at Roosevelt since May 1980 and in the sunset of my career I am constantly asking myself “What have I done with my dash”.  The “dash” is that little mark that we all insert between dates.  Hopefully, I have been a positive influence on all those great individuals and have made Roosevelt a better place to work during my “dash”.