Case Study – Generic Paper

Case Study: Impressive Business Forms, Inc.

Industry: Commercial Printing

Location: Tyler, TX


Impressive Business Forms, Inc. is a commercial printing company based in Tyler, TX, specializing in printing on 20# uncoated forms bond paper using rolls smaller than 40 inch diameter. They had been loyal to the same paper supplier for years but wanted to streamline their expenditures. While initially hesitant to stray from its supplier in favor of generic paper, Impressive Business Forms remained open to cost-saving solutions that could pave the way for higher profit margins and bottom-line growth.


Impressive Business Forms had unique order parameters that made identifying opportunities to save them money more challenging. To start, they required specific roll sizes that were outside of the standard and readily available 50+ inch diameter, triggering concerns over excessive converting costs. Second, Impressive Business Forms ordered relatively low tonnage, making economies of scale less feasible. Finally, the company’s owner was concerned about generic Roosevelt Paper not living up to his expectations. He wasn’t willing to sacrifice quality, even if it saved money.


Knowing that our generic paper saves customers 10-15% off the top, we continued exploring other avenues to lower costs for Impressive Business Forms. We leveraged innovative techniques and our most advanced equipment to affordably convert our supply of 50+ inch rolls into the 34-40 inch paper rolls they required.

With freight expenses prone to adding up on low tonnage orders to outlying areas, we needed to look outside the box to help Impressive Business Forms avoid high fees. By arranging for shared shipments when possible, we helped make their small order freight costs more economical.

Most importantly, we addressed Impressive Business Forms’ quality concerns by sending samples of our generic stock for comparison. They were so pleased that they placed an initial low-cost, no-risk trial order. The company’s owner determined that our generic paper was surprisingly comparable to what he was using but available at a lower price, helping him achieve his goal to reduce company expenditures.

Many rolls of paper stacked up in the Roosevelt plant. Machine producing paper rolls.
Finished Rolls and rolls in progress from Roosevelt Paper


Thanks to the financial savings and comparable quality, Impressive Business Forms is thrilled with their decision to switch from a brand to our generic paper. What started as skepticism in our ability to deliver the same or better results quickly transformed into a long-term relationship built on commitment and trust.

Today, the company is a regular Roosevelt Paper customer, placing monthly orders like clockwork to replenish their stock – and share family updates with their dedicated outside sales representative. Every order receives the same devotion to cost savings as the first, demonstrating our commitment to their success and genuine concern for helping them thrive.