A Deep Dive into Machinery with Bill B

Industry Research

Sometime in 2015 we started discussing the possibility of adding to our Rewinding capabilities in our Mt. Laurel facility. In 2016, we started an exhaustive search to find the best Rewinder to fit our needs. Our emphasis was on buying from a domestic manufacturer.  This search led us to Catbridge Machinery in Parsippany, NJ and in late 2016 we bought our first machine.  

Finding a Solution

A 100″ two drum winder that could run as fast as 6000 feet per minute.  Our requirements were unique as we were asking to be able to Rewind rolls from 20″ through 104″ wide with a finished cut as narrow as 4″ through 100″, the diameters had to be up to 72″ and the basis weights ran from 32# uncoated to 40 PT Board.

As  you can imagine, there was a substantial amount of engineering that went into providing a machine that could deliver on this wide range of specifications.  Ultimately, Catbridge came through and our first machine was installed in our Mt. Laurel facility November 2017.  A few bonus features were the ability to convert two narrow rolls at a time and a unique set of arms for the chucks in the drum section of the machine.

Good news travels fast

Having had success with the Mt. Laurel machine we purchased another Catbridge, now manufactured in Montville, NJ for our Alsip, IL facility in December 2019.  Upon delivery and installation November 2019 this machine doubled our Rewound roll converting capacity.  The most unique upgrade to the Alsip machine was the driven backstand with the latest drives from Allen Bradley.  When we run the Alsip machine and use the motors on the backstand as brakes we create electric, similar to a Hybrid Car, and put electric back into the buss.  We use less electric and the brakes are not as complicated as the Mt. Laurel machine.

After our success in Alsip we decided to replace our Ausquip Rewinder in our Richwood, KY facility with a Catbridge.  We purchased the machine December 2020 and put it in service August 2021.

Each of these machines added to our capability to service our mills and customers, added to our capacity to the same or both.

-Bill B